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Supporting free and open-source

We promote free and open-source software components, allowing developers to easily use, modify, and contribute to the project.

Performance and efficiency

Our components are designed with performance and efficiency in mind, ensuring that your applications run smoothly and quickly.

Simpler and foundational building blocks

We strive to provide foundational building blocks that are simpler and easier to use, allowing developers to focus on building their applications rather than reinventing the wheel.

SaaS Solutions

JWT-Keys Generator

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A Reliable, Free JWT Signing/Verification Key Generator Using OpenSSL.

Generate JWT signing and verification keys effortlessly with our trusted, user-friendly tool backed by OpenSSL.

Realtime Pub/Sub

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Realtime Pub/Sub is a platform that easily enables your applications with realtime Pub/Sub capabilities via WebSockets.

A free and commercial SaaS solution, aimed at supporting open-source development and innovations at 21no.de

Trending projects


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Restana is a lightweight and fast Node.js framework for building RESTful APIs. Inspired by Express, it provides a simple and intuitive API for routing, handling requests and responses, and middleware management. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate with other Node.js modules, allowing developers to quickly build scalable and maintainable APIs.


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Fast-gateway is an easy to use Node.js API gateway framework built to handle large scale API traffic with great performance and scalability. Written with JavaScript, it is a framework for the masses!


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0http is a lightweight and extremely fast Node.js framework for building RESTful APIs. Highly optimized for throughput, barely extending core HTTP interfaces, the framework is a great candidate for solutions that require low latency and performance.


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A Node.js connector library for Keycloak. The module simplifies the integration of backend services, providing a foundation for high-performance authorization middlewares.


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Efficiently serve static files using Node.js and Docker containers: https://itnext.io/restana-static-serving-the-frontend-with-node-js-beyond-nginx-e45fdb2e49cb


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High performance connect-like HTTP cache middleware for Node.js. So your latency can decrease to single digit milliseconds 🚀

"Our mission is to empower developers to push the boundaries of innovation by providing and promoting open-source, JavaScript and Node.js-based technology that simplifies the building of core components for tomorrow's architectures. We strive to create faster and simpler solutions that enable developers to build more performant and efficient applications..."

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